Friday, June 25, 2010

iKandy Feature Artist of the Day

iKandy Feature Artist of the Day & Clothing Designer for Nomi Network's "Fashion For Freedom" fashion show proudly presents; young New Orleans clothing designer GeezyEff Celestine -

Garielle EFF, also known as Geezy Monroe, is a talented young artist at age 18, who is universal in her talent, also a part of #TeamiKandy, music, fashion, and overall art. Her biggest pride and joy is her clothing line "Liq0urish Clothing". Began in 2006, but officially took off in 2009. Liq0urish Clothing is a clothing line that's a voice through what you wear, saying things other people won't say out loud through fashion. As a young artist, she has her hands in a lot of things, but a promise to not disappoint in what she does IS something she'll keep.

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