Thursday, June 24, 2010

iKandy Featured Artist of the Day - Nomi Network proudly presents "Fashion For Freedom" Guest Speaker Cambodian Canadian Sarorn Ron Sim

an award winning international cinematographer/photographer currently filming exclusively for a Fortune 50 U.S based company. On his down time however, a freelance with major television networks, NGO's, and agencies around the world. From television series to feature length documentaries, news essays to corporate image campaigns, he likes to work in genres that give a voice to those less vocal.

To date, he's traveled and filmed in over 35 countries, has shot programs that aired on Discovery Channel and National Geographic, and has covertly filmed in Pakistan and Afghanistan multiple times. Most recently, Sarorn has covered the devastating earthquake in Haiti, followed the River Ganges up to the Himalayas and trekked through the Borneo Jungles of Malaysia.

Aside from his academic and professional credentials in his field, and also undergone extensive training with members of the U.S Special Forces and British SAS on how to work and survive in hostile environment and areas of conflict.

For more information about this amazing artist and his work, please visit Sarorn's personal website:
To read his journal during his travels, please visit blog at:

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